"The Skillz Bib system is a sustainable and proven PE programme, which helps teachers deliver high-quality lessons, with an easy-to-use assessment strategy with clear and measurable outcomes. Based around colours, numbers, letters and shapes this unique structure ensures pupils develop life skills as well as having a fun, enjoyable and memorable PE experience. A child and teacher friendly product that is both multi-functional and simple to use."

Ross Pedley, PE Co-ordinator, Monkwood Primary School, Rotherham, UK

"Sport Elevation delivered a series of lessons at Horizon Community College acrossboth Key Stages. The lessons delivered were excellently planned, delivered withpassion and the students were extremely engaged. As a result of their high-qualitydelivery, all students made progress within the modular topic. The use of theSkillz Bibs allowed the sessions to be differentiated superbly with studentshaving a clear understanding towards the set task, along with their role andresponsibility due to the simplicity of the bib design. The bibs also enabledeffective groupings, teams and leadership roles to be quickly organisedensuring students remain on task with the teaching and learning to demonstrate rapidprogress. The standard of coaching and teaching at Sport Elevation is of thehighest quality and I would recommend to any primary education provider."

Lee Clayton, Assistant Subject Leader in PE, Horizon Community College, Barnsley, UK

"They are a fantastic way of delivering everything you need from fundamental movements to a whole club philosophy, progressing to more dominant qualities now needed from an elite player of decision making, player ownership and extended individual and team challenges. I will continue to use the Skillz Bibs within my coaching and want to thank Sport Elevation for their support as well as a fantastic invention."

Kelsey Byrne, FA Women's National Coach Developer for Football, UK

"Skillz Bib is a multi-purpose tool designed to effectively enhancepsychosocial development and life skills within an educational environment."

Dr Liam A Slack, Sport Psychologist, PGMOL, UK