Football Possession Based Sessions

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Annual License Fee...

Football Possession Based Sessions

Upon agreement, the club or the coach are committing to a 12-month annual license fee of £145.00 +VAT per year to include the following:

  • 36 Skillz Bibs (to be purchased separately)
  • 148 visual session plan templates
  • Downloadable decision-making challenges document
  • Unique identification code and password
  • Continued online support

"In my role as Assistant Manager and U21 Development Coach at Walsall FC I used the Skillz Bibs on a regular basis over a 3-month period. As well as the obvious benefits in improving scanning and playing with your head up, the bibs gave me the opportunity to challenge the players at a social and psychological level, by changing the identity of the team members during the session. These bibs would challenge the coach as well as the young players at a whole new level. A must have piece of kit for Academy Football."

Richard O'Kelly, Assistant Manager, Aston Villa FC, UK